Quality Assurance

Since business inception, we have always been implementing highest standards of quality in all activities. As per our established quality guidelines, we take special care towards importing and trading high quality products only from reliable manufacturers/vendors. Our vendors provide us well-tested products that are developed in accordance with industrial recommendations and norms. To further assure delivery of unmatched quality products, we have recruited a separate team of quality inspectors. This QA team evaluates all imported and traded products based on a series of standard quality parameters before marking them as “ready for dispatch” across clients’ desired locations.

Quality assurance means developing operational controls to ensure that the results match the desired outcomes. Our customer service operations are designed to keep customers satisfied while protecting the organization. To make sure customer service achieves these goals in our small business, the person responsible for quality assurance must define the quality functions as they apply to how we serve our customers. Once such definitions are in place, we define the resources required to fulfil the defined mandate and make sure our customers experience quality service.