Vendor Selection

We understand that vendor network forms the crux of our business. Hence, we never compromise on our adopted vendor selection policy. We have with us a specialized team of procuring experts who conducts in-depth research and make hard efforts to shortlist only the most reliable and experienced vendors in the industry. Under this process, our experts first check market goodwill and track records of vendors, afterwards screening them on other factors like financial stability, manufacturing techniques, quality standards, delivery schedules, clients served, etc. This ensures that we forge business tie-ups with reputed vendors whose market credibility aligns with our business requirements as well as with our clients’ application demands.

Selecting a new vendor does not have to be risky, difficult or time consuming. We use a highly effective, tried and tested method which simplifies the process and ultimately helps us to make the right choice. We typically help our customers with the following stages of the process:

Our process focuses on:
  • A thorough identification of internal priorities rather than of isolated projects
  • A short RFP rather than extensive requirement lists
  • Focus on dialogue with potential implementation partners rather than on tools and systems and check lists
  • No need for a long requirement specification
  • You avoid common pitfalls and minimize risk
  • You ensure that you receive qualified, more transparent and comprehensible proposals from the vendors
  • You get an impartial basis for comparison and a realistic overview of what is achievable within your budget
  • You avoid investing in an unnecessarily expensive and complicated system
  • You will be equipped to make a much more qualified decision